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Stills from video "Passport"

Exhibited at museum Anna Nordlander, Skellefteå

The video "Passport" was made when I was photographed for my Iranian passport, in the small town of Umeå, north of Sweden. During the same period of time, the United States President, Donald Trump, conducted the "The Immigration Ban", which made it difficult to travel between the United States and the countries of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Iran.


Iran - The country where my parents have their roots and the country in which I have a citizenship.

I realized that, because of my trip to Iran and my Iranian Pass, I became one of those who actually suffer from the United States immigration policy despite my Swedish citizenship, my first citizenship.

As a non-Muslim, I carry a paper document to tell who I am and where I am from. The identity is not mine but it is put on me.

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