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Exhibited at Galleri Gamla Farsot in Gothenburg, Sweden - 2023

2021- ongoing


sound, sculpture, painting, text

Gothenburg, Sweden

The ongoing project with the title ”Ingenmansland” (no man's land) has landed in the world of fairy tales and in Western and Persian mythology and folklore. I have taken characters out of these worlds and forced them into a new one where I get to decide their fates.


The characters are Rustam who is from the Persian epos Shahnameh and Göran who is from Western folklore best known for the tale of Sankt George and the dragon. Both bear the same fate in their own worlds. They are named heroes, they ride their noble steeds straight into the battle with the evil dragon which they also successfully slay in the end.


The story for begins with Rustam and Göran being washed up in a desert. They quickly find out that they must work together to get back to their real worlds, as soon as they don't, the place they've ended up in tries to complicate their journey. While trying to find their way out of the treacherous place they find themselves in, they notice a constant uneasiness that wraps around the landscape and keeps them on their toes.


For the project Ingenmansland I am building the characters and symbols of the story while I simultaneously work with sound and the narrative of their journey. The sculptures will form a game board. Whoever experiences the works should be able to face the installation with their own body, walk around it and be a part of it. 

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